July 4, 2020

freedomridespress.org information

1) Go to freedomridespress.org/admin


2) Log in with the username and password that your professor provided. Remember all students in a section share the same username and password. Do not click “Lost your password?”–this will begin a password reset that you will not be able to complete. You will lock yourself and your colleagues out of the website. If you forget the username or password, contact one of your colleagues or your professor.

3) After logging in, click items.


4) Click Add an Item. For each newspaper article you will upload, you will need to repeat these steps.


You will land on the Dublin Core tab.


5) You need make entries in the following fields, and only the following fields. You can ignore all of the remaining fields on the Dublin Core page.

  • Title – Type the newspaper article headline exactly as it appears.
  • Publisher – Type the name of the newspaper.
  • Date – Enter the date of the newspaper article as year-mm-dd. For example, the first day of classes at UMW this semester would be entered as 2013-08-26.
  • Creator – If there is a byline (author) enter it here. If it is an Associated Press (AP) story, or similar, enter AP here.
  • Subject – Enter the names of events, people, or issues that are discussed in the article. This is where to enter descriptions of the photographs (if applicable) and relevant information from the caption(s) to photographs.
  • Description – This is where you would type a transcription (word-for-word) of the newspaper article (if applicable).
  • Contributor – This where you type your name and your professor’s name.

6) Next, click on Tags. You will land on this page.

  • This is where you will enter names, events, locations. Think about any information or terms that a user might come to website about the Freedom Rides and potentially search for and want to find. Each term you enter must be separated by semicolon (;). For example, if you were adding a newspaper article discussing James Peck being attacked in Birmingham you might enter terms this way. James Peck; Birmingham; Bull Connor; Ku Klux Klan; KKK


7) Next click on Files. This is where you upload the file of the newspaper article. Browse and select the file.

8) Last, click on Add Item and you will have completed the process for the newspaper article.


Repeat these steps for each newspaper article.

You can click on items and all items that have been uploaded (using your login information) will be displayed. You can click on an item that you entered and make edits. Be very careful not to edit or delete items that you did not enter and upload.